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Write a branded series of SMALL BYTE BOOKS to attract leads, convert clients, and build your business.

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Small Byte Books are short-format subject matter expert books that are 50 to 70 pages in length—what someone could easily read in a single sitting.

Small Byte Books takes the Chicken Soup for the Soul approach to helping you create a branded series of books. Each book focuses on a different aspect of your expertise or a different market. For example, if you speak on business topics, your Small Byte Books series might span these topics: employee engagement, marketing your business, customer loyalty, etc. If you're a business consultant, your series of Small Byte Books might include executive dashboards, managing growth, succession planning, and more.

Write one book, or develop a branded series that establishes you as an expert in your field, increases your credibility, and attracts a following.

Small Byte Books can help you:
  • Re-invent your career
  • Generate leads
  • Position you as an expert
  • Establish credibility
  • Attract a following
  • Build your brand
  • Convert prospects into clients
  • Grow your business
Generate Leads

​​​​​​​Establish yourself as an expert in your field and increase your credibility. Differentiate yourself from the self-proclaimed experts and generate leads with a branded series of books that display your expertise.
Be THE Expert

​​​​​​​Put your expertise on display to entice new clients to work with you. Your branded series of books will establish you as an expert in your field and help attract a following. Become a magnet for the business you want.
Convert Clients
The impossible is now possible for your business. Make the most of your expertise and use your branded series of books to exert your professionalism and convert leads into paying customers. 
How it Works:
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The first step is a two-hour video conference to plan out your entire book series — up to six books! We will determine the purpose for each book, decide on a format, and plan out everything your book will include, right down to the stories you tell to make your professional points.

Together we will design a template for you to use so that when it's time to write, you just fill in the blanks!
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Select the cover design that fits your brand and style from our selection of professionally designed book covers. But that's not all! You'll also pick out the interior design that fits your personality and the book content. 
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Using the format we provide, you "fill in the blanks" with your unique content. We will edit what you write to make it market-ready, publish your book using the cover and interior design you selected, and publish your book on Amazon. Your book will be distributed internationally on the Amazon platform.
Ideal for:
Do you coach others to become all they can be? Showcase your various ways of helping your clients and the results you achieve.
Use your series of books to get more speaking engagements and raise your fees to match the expertise you provide.
It's competitive out there, and you're not the only game in town. Differentiate yourself from the competition with a series of branded books.
They say 'the more you tell, the more you sell' which is true... but only if people know who you are. Write a series of books that target your market and display your expertise.
90 Days from
Planning to Publishing Your First Book!

Plan and publish your entire series in one year!

First Small Byte Book
Two-hour video planning call
Fill-in-the-blank writing template
Professionally designed book cover 
Snappy interior design
Elite publishing by an established publisher
Small Byte Books

Write new content using your custom template
Tweak your cover to add the new title
Layout for your new content

Publish and distribute on Amazon
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