A Life in Parts


On an ordinary winter day, Loretta Goebel was wrapping Christmas gifts in her basement when the doorbell rang. She rushed to answer the door, and in her haste, she hit her hand on the banister as she ran up the stairs. This seemingly innocuous injury eventually resulted in the amputation of both her legs, her left hand, and most of the fingers on her right hand. Through all her pain and loss, Loretta never gave up her quest to live a full life, and her story of triumph can inspire anyone struggling to adjust to difficult circumstances.

About the Authors:

Vicki Bennington

I first met Loretta when I wrote a feature article about her experience and amazing recovery. When she walked into the room I couldn’t comprehend that she had multiple amputations. She looked perfectly fit and far from devastated.

As she told her story, my heart melted for her, we cried together, but I could see she hadn’t let it stop her from living. And through the process of writing this book, talking to her about everything—she has become a very close and dear friend who I hope will remain in my life. She’s truly a wonderful person.

I want to thank Loretta for sharing her story with me, and allowing Daniel Brannan and I to help her share it with everyone else. I am thankful for Dan through the long and arduous process. I would like to thank our publisher, Nancy Baumann, who saw the value in the story, and became just as big a fan of Loretta’s as the rest of us. Her pushing and prodding to expand, embellish and persevere helped us bring Loretta’s personality to the written page. Richard Snyder, an outstanding photographer, volunteered his services to stage several photo shoots to provide beautiful pictures for the book.

I would like to thank Heather Mills for graciously writing the foreword, and Renata Matijasevic and Sonya Mills for helping me along the way. Bob and Tessa Watts at Dorset Orthopaedic kindly shared their knowledge of prosthetics with me and provided a personal tour of the factory where Loretta’s and Heather’s glamour legs were made, which was an invaluable learning experience. There were many others, including our families, who helped guide our paths to the completion of this long journey, and I am so grateful for all of them.

Daniel Brannan

I first met Loretta Goebel in spring 2007, after The Telegraph in Alton, Illinois, published an in-depth story about her. The more I learned about what Loretta had to overcome to get back on her feet, the more in awe I became of her.

I am insulin dependent and have worried that, one day, I might have problems with my own extremities. Many diabetics eventually have one or more of their limbs amputated. Loretta has given me hope that such a situation would not result in disaster.

I am thankful to Nancy Baumann of Stonebrook Publishing for her editing and encouragement through the process. I am also thankful for my friendship with Loretta and Vicki. I think the three of us make quite a team. A special thanks to Heather Mills for her help with the project and her support of Loretta. I don’t know if Loretta could have made it through some of her most difficult times without Heather’s helping hand.

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