When you submit your nonfiction book manuscript to Stonebrook Publishing, we will carefully evaluate it to determine its editing needs. If we determine that the manuscript is market-ready, you'll jump right into The Complete Publishing Package.

But most of the manuscripts we receive need some editing help first. We'll let you know what we think and will recommend one of two types of editing to get your manuscript ready for publication.

1: Copyediting (not included in The Complete Publishing Package) 

Every author needs a great editor, and if your book hasn’t yet been professionally edited and is sound in its structure and flow, then you’ll take this path before you get to The Complete Publishing Package.  

We’re different from other editors. By the time you submit your manuscript, we know that you’ve had enough of it. You’re done! So we don’t annoy you with making suggestions about how you should incorporate different word choices or sentence structure and suggest you make those changes; we make those changes for you, always in compliance with the Chicago Manual of Style.  

 During the copyedit, we focus on the following:  

  • Spelling 
  • Grammar 
  • Vocabulary 
  • Sentence structure 
  • Punctuation 

When we’re finished, you’ll receive a copyedited version of your manuscript, complete with the “track changes” markings for your review, and you can accept or reject each change as you see fit. After this step, your manuscript is ready for The Complete Publishing Package.  

 Copyediting (nonfiction only)= $125 per hour 

2: Developmental Editing (not included in The Complete Publishing Package) 

It’s not uncommon for a first-time authors to need some help with the structure and flow of their book manuscript, and that’s what we do with a developmental edit. Developmental editing can involve significant restructuring of your manuscript in order to create a professional, publishable book product. During this process, we concentrate on your book’s:   

  • Structure  
  • Focus  
  • Consistency  
  • Message 
  • Pacing 
  • Plot
  • Setting 

Our mission as your developmental editor is to make your book the best it can be. After this step, your book is ready for a copyedit and then The Complete Publishing Package.   

Developmental Editing (nonfiction only) = $175 per hour