A Tourist in My Own Life

This book is for fathers. We’ve got a tough assignment and most of us don’t know how to do it right. For a long time, I skirted the fringes of my children’s lives, but I never established a core-deep relationship with each of them. I was a tourist in my own life. And I hated it. If you yearn for a deeper relationship with your children, then this book is for you. I’ll show you how to crack the code, so you can get into the hearts of your kids and stay there.

About the Author:

Rich Daniels is the husband of Megan Daniels and the father of their three children: Grace, Luc, and Zoey. A corporate entrepreneur with twenty-five years at Monsanto, Solutia, and Honeywell International and seven years in two start-ups, Rich finds his greatest purpose in bringing people together in community to serve others. Although Rich has completed twenty-five marathons and two Ironmans, he relishes the endurance sport of fathering more than any athletic event. After forming a small men’s group to share parenting experiences, Rich felt inspired to write a book to guide other men away from being tourists in their own lives and toward becoming involved, fully engaged dads.

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