CEO Tools 2.0

Following on the success of the international best-seller CEO Tools by Kraig Kramers, CEO Tools 2.0 is an updated and expanded version of the book. This book is not just for CEOs but rather for any CEO, executive, owner, or manager who needs and wants to get better results. Using a few business tools in the right way often means achieving ongoing success in a short time. CEO Tools 2.0 contains over seventy tools that allow you to turn plans into results and decisions into action. Using these tools can deliver increased growth and profits, facilitate easier execution, and give you more time and flexibility. The information you’ll find within these pages can transform your business—and your life—when you choose to implement these tools. You don’t have to use them all at once. Just pick one and get started. Now is the best time to begin!

About the Author:
The first edition of CEO Tools was written in 2002 by seven-time CEO Kraig Kramers. After Kramers’s death in 2014, serial entrepreneur, CEO coach, and C-Level executive Jim Canfield took up his standard, reworking and updating Kramers’s ideas. Canfield has provided executive coaching to hundreds of CEOs and senior business leaders.

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