Got Testosterone?

Men, could just one hormone keep you healthy, strong, virile, and fully productive until you die? The answer is “yes,” and that hormone is testosterone–more than merely an antidote to ED.
There is much more to testosterone replacement that you may think. The nature and delivery system for receiving testosterone can make all the difference between accelerating the diseases of aging– and preventing them. Bioidentical testosterone pellet therapy is the only method of testosterone replacement that reverses ED and also prevents the diseases of aging:
• Diabetes
• Cancer
• Heart disease
• Obesity
• High cholesterol
• Parkinson’s disease
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Osteoperosis
• Frailty
• Autoimmune diseases
You don’t have to succumb to these diseases or live the miserable life of an aging, impotent, frail old man!

About the Authors:
Dr. Kathy Maupin has practiced obstetrics and gynecology for more than thirty years, and for more than sixteen years, she has specialized in hormone replacement for men and women using testosterone pellets.
She received bio-identical hormone replacement therapy herself after a hysterectomy at age forty-seven as a last-ditch attempt to save her health, her career, her family life, and her happiness. Dr. Maupin credits the treatment with saving her life. She now helps both men and women worldwide discover the importance and life-changing benefits of testosterone replacement. In 2003, she created BioBalance® Health, a medical practice to help women and men treat the symptoms of aging with bio-identical testosterone pellets, preventive medical treatment, dietary supplements, and exercise.
Dr. Maupin not only has a lifetime of experience in treating men and women medically, she has also developed and passed legislation in the state of Missouri that benefits patients as well as doctors.
In 2015, she and co-author Brett Newcomb published their first book, The Secret Female Hormone: How Testosterone Can Save Your Life, in six countries.

Brett Newcomb has thirty-five years of experience in private practice as a family therapist. He has worked with Dr. Maupin for years to help her patients deal with the psychological and marital ramifications of hormone imbalance and the necessary adjustments that follow successful treatment. Brett was also Teacher of the Year at Lafayette High School and rose from adjunct professor of counseling to be World Wide Director of the counseling program at Webster University in Saint Louis, Missouri. He has consulted with schools around the country and has been a workshop presenter for major international corporations.

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