Permission to Play

Thirty countries. Six continents. Eight Years. One dream life. This compelling story details how one average Joe used the death of a young friend to propel him from college campus to continents and dream jobs. For any young person uncertain of their future and about to embark on “the rest of their life,” this book is required reading, and offers hope that the next steps can be better than they can imagine. You will identify with Joe’s challenges of feeling that life has a lot more to offer, dealing with a crushing loss, overcoming negative support from those closest to you, and pursuing work and travel opportunities armed only with curiosity and ambition. In Permission to Play, Joe’s story not only provides a blueprint for following your dreams, but a guide to the most common excuses and how to overcome them. Study guide for group discussion included.

About the Author:

Joe Fingerhut rocks audiences across America and around the world as sought-after inspirational speaker. He shares stories of global travel and dream jobs from over two decades of adventure to entertain, inspire and empower. As a speaker, Joe is passionate about inspiring young people to dream bigger dreams, to eliminate obstacles, and be their own leader themselves, all the while teaching them the power of right choices, attitude, and character. Joe is an international speaker at schools, conferences, universities, and corporate events. Joe and his wife have two bilingual, perfect little angels. Their family resides in St. Louis and spends part of the year in Kumamoto, Japan, where they enjoy onsen, hanami, and sashimi, kotatsu, and eating with chopsticks. To learn more about Joe and book him for your next event, visit

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