The Challenge

For middle-school girls, youth groups, moms and daughters, and any young teen who is thrust in the chaos of navigating church, school, and home, The Challenge will entertain, amuse, and point you to an energized faith. Ever wondered if all this faith stuff is for real? If any of it really means anything? That was Clover’s dilemma. Clover is a 13-year-old girl who thinks her mother is crazy and is holding in a secret. When her family moves to a new home in Hitlery, CA, Clover is forced to attend a local youth group called Alpha Omega. While fundraising for an Alpha Omega trip to Disneyland, Clover meets Mrs. Belle, who hands her an envelope with a check and a note inside that says, “The Challenge. Use this to buy $1,000 worth of stuff. Here are the rules: Nothing can be used for yourself, give everything in secret, be a light, love your enemies, find treasure, ask and it will be given you, build your house on rock, use what you have to gain friends. Clover commits to cracking the code of The Challenge so that she can go to Disneyland, but what she doesn’t know is that The Challenge will crack the code of her heart, and the heart of her family.

About the Author:

Wendy Everts is a wife and mother of three children, is a trained Spiritual Director and Prayer Minister, and enjoys serving alongside her husband who pastors a church in St. Louis, Missouri.

$11.99 Paperback