The Self Driving Company

If you’re a small business owner who is spread too thin, cash-strapped, and feels trapped by your business, then let Craig Hughes show you how to move from your current all-consuming, hands-on approach to the freedom of a self-driving company. Craig knew nothing about the taxi business when he purchased a small, dilapidated cab company in 1984. Since that time, his team grew that business to be the busiest taxi dispatch in the United States. Total Transit, Inc. does over $200 million in business each year and has enjoyed a 35 percent growth rate over the past seven years. Now he enjoys time with his family in the mountains and works only on business issues when he can truly add value.                                                                             

About the Author:

A multitalented businessman, Craig Hughes loves everything about business. He is the founder and chairman of Total Transit, Inc., and he learned the ropes through trial and error. During this journey he found his own way to business success. Although he was once the obstacle to his compa- ny’s growth, Craig figured out how to let go of the day-to-day duties that were holding his company back so he could focus on the vision. With the support of his wife, Chris, and the leadership of his CEO, Mike Pinckard, he created a unique company with amazing growth and profitability from a small, unassuming taxi business. Craig and Chris live in Scottsdale, Arizona, and are delighted that all of their children and grandchildren live in Arizona, too. They formed a charitable foun- dation in 2009 and continue to work to improve the communities they serve.

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